• Jiya stands for Sweetheart.


    Rudraksha seeds are between 3 mm and 40 mm in size. The smaller, the rarer and more expensive. The pearls last very long, up to eight generations.


    Each pearl has a certain number of segments called mukhi. These segments can be recognized from the outside by the eye. Thin lines on the surface of the pearl to the bottom show the number of mukhi. The number of mukhi can range from 1 to 21. Each number has its own meaning and has specific properties and advantages.


    The Rudraksha pearl that Mala Spirit uses for the Malas are those with five mukhis.

    This pearl represents Shiva.


    Pink moss agate gives independence and openness and helps with a new lifestyle. It allows unconscious behavior patterns such as self-protection or fear to be removed and the associated loneliness to be resolved. 



    Mala Jiya for kids

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    • Treat your mala with mindfulness and respect. It is handmade and you should not wear it if you come into contact with a lot of water. In addition, asana practice or other excessive movements when wearing your mala are not recommended.


      To preserve the energy of the gemstones, they should be cleaned every now and then. This is often done by moon or sunlight or in a bowl with rock crystals.

      Since gemstones are natural materials, they can discolor, dry out or break open due to sunlight, artificial light, skin creams and sweat. Do not wear the jewelry while exercising or sunbathing. 


      We do not promise healing effects. Everyone reacts differently. If you have health problems and serious problems, please see a doctor.