• Sahil means "Guide" in India. 


    The rock crystal is a “Master Healer” stone, a catalyst on the way to our self and creates clarity and order. He supports the calming of the mental state and a more harmonious alignment with the higher self. This large healing stone releases blockages and harmonizes the energy system, i.e. it strengthens suppressed or too weak aspects of consciousness and softens exaggerated parts of ourselves.The rock crystal also provides strength against mental suffering caused by internal constraints. It is also the best stone when it comes to calming an explosively awakened Kundalini that causes pain and problems.


    As the name suggests, moonstone can help with moon addiction. For this, he should be under the pillow for a whole moon phase. Furthermore, it strengthens intuition and intensifies feelings. As a result, the moonstone increases empathy and promotes love. Moonstone works particularly well for women.


    Mala Sahil

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    • Treat your mala with mindfulness and respect. It is handmade and you should not wear it if you come into contact with a lot of water. In addition, asana practice or other excessive movements when wearing your mala are not recommended.


      To preserve the energy of the gemstones, they should be cleaned every now and then. This is often done by moon or sunlight or in a bowl with rock crystals.

      Since gemstones are natural materials, they can discolor, dry out or break open due to sunlight, artificial light, skin creams and sweat. Do not wear the jewelry while exercising or sunbathing. 


      We do not promise healing effects. Everyone reacts differently. If you have health problems and serious problems, please see a doctor.